It’s not easy being green

Jamie’s favorite color is green. And lemon green at that. Especially if it’s tart. I don’t know if that is because she is fond of Kermit the Frog or if she likes Kermit because he is green.

Jamie will also be leaving home for a year, to do her junior year at a college in the U.S. (She won’t let me brag, but she is so smart and such a good student she was given a really special award.) We have never been separated more than a couple of weeks at a time, so this will be a challenge. No, not for her… for me! Actually, she is rather sentimental and attached to home and family, and as she planned what she would need to take with her she added a quilt to her list. Smart daughter, right? Knows just how to warm a mother’s heart. I told her I would make her something fast and simple, which would remind her of “home” (and my love enveloping her!), but which she wouldn’t feel terrible about if she had to leave it behind at the end of the school year.

So Saturday we went fabric shopping for her favorite colors. Fortunately, she saw the wisdom of adding a few darker greens to balance the quilt out. I put the top together that very same afternoon and have spent the last couple of afternoons machine quilting it. Since I don’t machine quilt too often, it’s been good practice. It’s too big for the table, so I had to fold it over a little to take this pic.

Oh, yes… the label…

The deal I made with myself this year was that for every new project I started, I had to finish one of my UFOs. Class samples don’t count. So, in all fairness, I need to finish something equal to this task before I can move on to something new.

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