Appliqué Drawing

EQ With Me: Appliqué Drawing, by Angie Padilla


Companion Book for EQ ® 7


Learn to draw appliqué from a pro! Angie Padilla, creator of the My Dream House add-on for EQ5 and EQ6, teaches you from the beginning how to draw and edit appliqué patches to create spectacular blocks.

Chapter 1: Back to the Basics – in this chapter you’ll learn how to:

• select and delete patches
• copy, paste and move patches around
• clone patches
• flip patches
• resize patches many different ways
• rotate patches many different ways
• mix patches from different blocks

Chapter 2: Drawing Simple Lines and Curves – in this chapter you’ll begin to customize your workspace and learn how to:

• Draw and edit lines
• Work with snapping options
• Draw straight lines
• Use guides
• Draw curves
• Draw curves and lines without changing tools
• Use building blocks as guides to develop a more realistic drawing
• Draw freehand and trace for the first time

Chapter 3: Drawing Two Lines at Once – start using the new EQ6 Brush Stroke tool and learn how to:

• Change the brush stroke style, ends, taper, and thickness
• Draw vines and leaves with the Brush Stroke tool
• Use symmetry to create folk-art designs
• How to use the Precision Bar for brush strokes
• Import blocks from other projects

Chapter 4: Drawing with Pre-Defined Shapes – in this chapter you’ll learn how to:

• Use pre-defined shapes to make quick patches

• Use the Precision Bar to do things faster

• Use the Precision Bar to round rectangles and split circles into wedges

• Make a wreath

Chapter 5: Putting it All Together – use everything you’ve learned so far to make more complex blocks. You learn how to:

• Import photos to trace
• Trace photos
• How to draw thread lines
• Make complex wreaths, folk-art crossing designs, and Hawaiian appliqué
• Flip and rotate open patches and snap them together to make a complex symmetrical closed patch
• Edit a focus block and create setting triangles, borders, sash blocks, and cornerstones to match

Chapter 6: Tips and Tricks – follow these quick lessons that show you how to:

• Change from square to rectangular blocks

• Turn blocks with a background into motifs that can float on layer 2

• Make overlaid blocks

• Use the wreath feature to make feathered quilting stencils

• Draw complex threadwork designs


This book can be obtained from the Electric Quilt Company