A tearful farewell

In as much as possible, I try to live in the moment. Some would call it denial. So although I have known for weeks this moment would come, I’ve pushed it out of my mind and tried to enjoy the time given to me with my grandchildren. Sleepovers and frequent visits will no longer be possible (at least for quite some while), as Alexia and Julian are moving to the U.S. tomorrow.

We had a nice family get-together today at my mother’s to wish my beautiful “babies” and their mom (plans are for their dad to follow in a few months) farewell. And at the end of the day, so hard to say goodbye. We had promised each other not to cry, but as my son and family pulled out of our driveway, my heart broke as I caught a glimpse of the tears on my lovely Alexia´s face.

Don’t cry, baby. Be happy, my beautiful Alexia. And before you know it, we will be together again. And you, too, Jules. Remember how much I love you. I carry you both in my heart.

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    Angie, so sorry your gks are moving away… My son moved a couple of years ago and now its 1 or 2 visits a year, but the internet and webcam are your best friend… you and Alexi can still exchange kids patterns and you can still see their daily activities… Luckily I still have one gd close by….