Christmas in July!

It somehow seems odd to think about Christmas sewing while some people are off at the beach enjoying the hot sun. In my neck of the woods, this should also be “summertime” for us. And though often enough over the last few weeks we have had some sunny mornings, most afternoons we are still getting rain, plus some pretty cold nights. Weather patterns really seem out of sync this year, don’ they?

The cold has put me in the mood for “winter sewing.” That, and the fact that this has been the month at the shop where I teach where all the new Christmas fabrics begin to appear and where classes are structured around seasonal themes. In addition to my regular beginners’ classes, I have started some Christmas workshops involving ornaments and other Christmas decorations. My studio has been turned upside down with buttons and trimmings and fun fabric flying all over the place.

Here are some of my class samples. With time I hope I will be able to translate all my instructions (written originally in Spanish) so I will be able to share them here, too. In the meantime, here are some things to come!

fabric petal christmas tree

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