Quiet Christmas

Over the years our family seems to have “shrunk” quite a bit. Well, not really. What has happened is that we’ve spread out and are no longer located in one country, let alone one city!

We had a quiet Christmas Eve with part of one of my aunt’s family. This is an example of my extended family: of her three daughters, one lives in Peru, the second in Brazil, and the third in the U.S. Added to that, this last cousin is married to a South African, so that broadens our continental “ties.” Christmas Eve is always spent with this particular aunt (my dad’s youngest sister) and whichever part of her family is in town.

Christmas Day was even quieter – just my Mom and I, with my three children and one daughter-in-law. My oldest son Jono’s family is in the U.S. – you might recall me talking about my daughter-in-law Allison and grandchildren Alexia and Julian.

Rather than the traditional Christmas dinner, we do Christmas breakfast, and then open presents. This year we decided not to do presents, in view of the absence of little ones. Instead, my mom and daughter Jamie put a really nice breakfast together – some special egg casserole, sausages, and sparkling wine:

Before breakfast, however, the one tradition no one in this family will grow too old for: stockings! Given that my son #2 very rarely allows his photograph to be taken, I thought I’d take the opportunity to introduce him to you here. What you may not know is that Jared is your tech support on this website. He takes care of all the backend issues, and responds to any technical problems you may be experiencing. Not the best of photographs, but that’s as good as it gets when it comes to him!

The other person you may have heard from occasionally and who completes our “team” is my lovely mother, Joyce. She takes care of all the $$$ I don’t like! (-: Unlike her grandson, she is not camera shy. Nor need she be, as she is so photogenic!

This is my daughter-in-law Karina’s second Christmas with us. Yet she has quickly gotten into the spirit of it and is probably the biggest stocking enthusiast. I couldn’t help but share these pics… it’s contagious!

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