By the Fireside

It has been practically raining non-stop in Quito (actually, along quite a bit of the Sierra – our Andes mountain range) for the last week. The two main highways from the mountains to the coast are impassable: a whole section of one was washed away, and the second one has suffered several landslides over the last couple of days.

People are having to travel taking smaller side roads. That includes my son Jonathan, who traveled with a group to the coast early yesterday morning. They normally would have arrived around 4 p.m. but due to the condition of the roads and the heavy traffic did not make it to their destination until 11 p.m.

The rain makes things difficult for a lot of people. And yet… I like it. The grey weather gets some people down, but in my case I feel like nesting. The ground outside is so soaked it makes walking around the yard impossible. So I have had a quiet and enjoyable day, catching up on paper work. Of course, it helps that I have a fireplace four feet away from my desk!

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