Embellishments I

I have been asked to give an embellishment workshop over the summer. This is an area where I myself do not have a great deal of experience. But I’m told I am the closest we can get to an “expert” in a country with no quilting tradition.

So over the next couple of days I will be working on several small pieces, just to give the group a few ideas of what can be done to add interest to a quilt. These pieces are all small (9 x 12″) and will focus mainly on the use of ribbons, buttons, and embroidery.

What I plan to do is give them a pattern for them to bring their little quilt sewn up (or they can bring their own, if they prefer), and give them an embellishment package with small lengths of ribbon and other notions to play with.

This is basically what I spent yesterday evening doing. I had brought a ribbon package from the shop for myself, and chose several elements to add to my little quilt. Jamie thought this was fun, so helped with ideas… and set aside the ribbons she wants me to use on a purse for her! Really big help…

Since beginner quilters here really go for the country, folk art, shabby chic looks, I decided my first project should have a country feel. The other ones I hope will have a more “artsy” feel… we’ll see.

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