The Lion King

Jamie likes to cook, not quilt. She believes it’s enough with one crazy lady in the family, and she’s bent on trying to balance things out so there is a modicum of normalcy in the household. However, even she now and then gives in to the creative sewing impulse and agrees to embark on a quilting project.

This was the case nearly three years ago, when one of her closest friends had a baby. She not only wanted to make him a quilt – she was bent on making it all by hand. So for weeks she pieced and pieced and even quilted this project by hand. All that was left was to quilt the border and bind the quilt. And there she got stuck. Other priorities (school and work) started to take over and this little quilt suddenly found itself on my UFO pile.

We decided last week “enough is enough” and made it a priority to finish this project and deliver it to a now strapping three-year old who we hope will still enjoy it. It might have taken three years to make, but it is finally finished and, for a “non-quilter,” I think Jamie did a great job!

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    That’s beautiful!
    Submitted by ipraragon on Mon, 06/15/2009 – 16:21. (Old blog)

    Es precioso, parece hecho por una experta. Es probable que Jamie no desee ser una “quilter”… por ahora. Esperemos a ver en unos años, porque cuando se comienza ya no se puede dejar. Felicitaciones,