Sewing with friends

Two of our friends are traveling at the moment. Mariangela is back in Italy for a few months, and Bachita has traveled to the U.S. for the birth of a grandson. So our sewing circle was quieter this week… although still very productive.

Luchita chose to work on her Country Cups blocks. She is really good with hand appliqué and is going for a shabby chic look in this project. Aren’t her blocks just lovely?

Elena is working on a scrappy quilt. She is the one in our group who does the most machine sewing. She’s so terribly busy, and is thus organized and efficient. So hand sewing doesn’t quite fit the bill for her. I really like her colors in this quilt.

Susy is working on a new GFG (hexagon) project. This will be a large table topper. I think her use of red in the background is really interesting.

And as for me, I have found that more often than not Thursdays are the only time I am able to set aside for some hand sewing. So I, too, am working on my Country Cups blocks. In my case, I am following my original fabric scheme pretty closely, although I have chosen to choose buttons and other embellishments for some added interest. I am often asked how I handle such tiny little pieces in my designs. And my response to that: Blanket Stitch Appliqué!!!

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