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Activities with a special group of friends

Mini sewing circle

It’s been well over a year since my sewing circle last met. Not only did I move out of the city, but it seems the rest of the members also ended up scattered, and coming together once a week became challenging.

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A full sewing circle again

Our little group continues to meet every Thursday. Sometimes it has been only two of us, sometimes more. What started out as a group of seven was reduced to four.

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A basket and a bag

It sure seems to have taken us a long time to get into some kind of routine. And I’m still not quite there. Or know if I will be anytime soon. It’s been years now living with adult children, so having younger kids around has involved quite an adjustment. And I guess I am slowly […]

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Tribute to a friend

I find that in blogging there is a very fine line between being open and accessible on one hand, and sharing way too much personal information on the other. I would hope I strive for balance. And although I prefer to deal with personal issues privately, sometimes I know I have to step out of […]

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Itty Bitty Blanket Stitch

I am a really, really lucky person. Take my quilting friends, for example. As you know, I have a small sewing circle that meets every week. The women in this group were once my students, but after learning the basics they just sort of attached themselves to me (and I to them) and we developed […]

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Trying to get back to normal

As usual, things rarely go as planned. The good news: Jamie’s recovery has gone better than expected. Within two days she was almost back to normal, getting around on her own and requiring little help.

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Talented friends

During our Thursday get-togethers I really enjoy seeing how my friends progress with their different projects.

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A Half-Finished Afghan, Crocheted Squares, and Lots of Ideas

Our sewing circle met again yesterday. And it looks like everyone was thrilled with the new yarn shop we found, because we have all been working diligently on our afghan squares. Hmm… I wonder if the motivating factor could be that –once finished– we are all looking forward to returning to that shop for some […]

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Sewing Circle: Felt Ornaments

You will remember a couple of days ago I blogged about the (newly acquired) book Fa la la la Felt: 45 Handmade Holiday Decorations, by Amanda Carestio. And it turns out my sewing circle friends went crazy about it, too.

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Another Thursday

Things seem to be happening really fast for me around here. Especially this last year with Jamie gone, I seem to have gotten used to a “quiet” groove, where I basically only had to take care of myself. So planning my days turned out to be pretty easy.

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Hoo hoo hoot… and a final countdown

As I write, my “babies” (daughter Jamie, with her niece Alexia and nephew Julian) are sitting on a plane flying out of D.C. that will bring them home tonight. I am overjoyed and excited and can hardly sit still with the waiting. In another nine hours they will most probably be home and tucked in […]

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More hooting owls

I’d almost forgotten to share these from our sewing circle last Thursday. This is the latest on my friends’ owl projects… aren’t they cute? They sure are moving along with this project!

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Can this get any cuter?

I must say, it really is fun watching my friends’ progress as they work on a project together. Every week brings surprises, and I am always in awe of their magnificent appliqué skills. Today has been no exception. Just check these hooting owls!

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