Dove Progress

This week has been filled with computer work: designing and cleaning out my trusty machine. Jared is putting a new computer together for me, which finally pushed me to do some pretty necessary housekeeping, sorting out and deleting old files and folders. Having a “clean” computer, however, does not make for an interesting topic, so there isn’t much to share regarding what I have been up to the last few days.

My friends, however, are moving along with their dove sewing projects and will soon be finished!

Susy is the only one who decided on appliquéd borders, although she did make some changes. She opted to change the candy canes in the border for some simple angel shapes:

Bachita decided not to appliqué her borders, so she is the first one ready to quilt her piece. We helped her sandwich and spray baste her project, and she has started to hand quilt it. She plans to embellish it later with all these fun tagua buttons she has been collecting.

Luchita is also nearly finished with her top. She also chose a very busy print for her borders, so will not appliqué them. Soon she, too, will be ready to start quilting.

I really have enjoyed following along with them as they work on these projects!

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    Crazypatch Gorgeous
    Submitted by mc.chasseraud on Wed, 01/27/2010 – 02:38.


    Gorgeous project… I love. Me I make this with owls…