Help with fraying in your appliqué project?

Every time someone comes down to Quito for a visit I take advantage and have them bring down what I consider are my essential notions and supplies. This time my brother was kind enough to pack a little bag of goodies for me I had ordered and had sent to him. For someone who doesn’t sew/quilt, I guess some of these supplies appear rather odd. We did have a laugh or two as I tried to explain some of the uses and why these items are like gold to me. His conclusion… “to each his/her own…” I bet you, too, probably use many of these products, but for those who don’t I thought I’d share some of my favorite notions and supplies and how I use them.

I favor hand appliqué over machine appliqué. I think this is because I also prefer small (even miniature) projects that would be hard to appliqué on the sewing machine. Now this also means that I often am working with very small pieces and extra narrow seam allowances. That in turn often leads to fraying.

Welcome the magic of Fray Check! Whoever invented this liquid must have had me in mind!

All it takes is one little drop…

… and then just take the tip of your needle and tuck those threads under and continue to sew your piece down. Abracadabra… and you have gained control over your piece again!

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