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Right foot forward

Quilters/sewers are know to be… collectors. Of all things sewing-related. I admit to this.

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Using a serger for quilting

I bought a serger at the same time I purchased my latest sewing machine. I’ve used it off and on, mainly to make pencil cases and a couple of bags. I’ve loved using it for these few items, but –admittedly– it’s been underused. So this week I decided to really delve into all its possibilities.

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Ruler storage

Organizing one’s stash and tools pretty much depends on the space available. And whether you are willing to spend $$$ on special furniture to house all your goodies to perfection. Or, better still, 🙂 find creative alternatives to keep all those goodies in order.

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Treadle On!

Lita, my grandmother on my father’s side, had a big influence on my life and in many ways was responsible for instilling in me a love for sewing and crafts.

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It pays to read labels

I love hardware stores. Maybe even as much (possibly more?) than fabric stores. And that is because there is so much to be found in a hardware store that can be used in a quilting studio at a fraction of the cost in comparison to similar products to be found in quilting or craft stores.

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Best online resource for quilting supplies

One of our website members is coming down to Ecuador for a few weeks in August. And, as only a quilter would do, she has offered to set aside a small suitcase for me to fill with fabric and other supplies I am not able to find locally. How cool is that ? 🙂

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My New Beau

His name is Charlie. Charlie Singer, Esq., to be more precise. He’s been tweaked. I wanted to say he’s been tweaked for my pleasure, but Jamie said that was highly inappropriate. Instead, I’m supposed to say he’s been adapted for free motion quilting. And that makes me happy.

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How to Master the Frog Stitch (as painlessly as possible)

As a community, quilters are known for their positive attitudes and even humorous outlook on life. As a beginner quilter, I quickly learned that there was a whole new language to learn, that pretty much reflects quilters’ quirkiness. Frog stitching was one of the first terms I would have to become familiar with, and a […]

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How to Make Your Own (really cheap!) Cone Thread Stand

I have not been able to find a sturdy stand locally to use with cone threads. The only ones I’ve seen are attached to the table of industrial sewing machines. Purchasing one in the U.S. and having it shipped down has not seem cost-effective. Enter my homemade solution:

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Machine Quilting: What Works for me

Since I spent quite some time machine quilting Alexia and Julian’s quilts over the last couple of weeks before their departure, I thought I’d share a little of my learning process in this area. This might be of more interest for those of you who, like me, live in countries were quilting supplies are not […]

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On Sewing Machines

I started sewing (clothes) way back in 1976 on a Singer 404 (slant needle, manufactured in the U.S. 1958). It was given to me by one of the grandmothers in my husband’s family. And yes, it is older than me, but it’s joints sure act younger than mine! 🙂  And I still love it. All […]

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Help with fraying in your appliqué project?

Every time someone comes down to Quito for a visit I take advantage and have them bring down what I consider are my essential notions and supplies. This time my brother was kind enough to pack a little bag of goodies for me I had ordered and had sent to him. For someone who doesn’t […]

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Hand quilting and a little fabric shopping

Working on a project design to share later in the year as part of the Dimensional Flowers BOM, I felt inspired to start working on a larger project for myself. I know, I should be working on the quilt I started a couple of weeks ago (here), but I’m still not happy with it and have […]

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