Insane About Baltimore: Block 1

I often get comments about how small some of my designs are. All I can say that there are two reasons for that: ignorance and the lack of wall space for larger projects!

Ignorance, because when I first started quilting I was pretty much on my own, and had not had a chance to see a lot of quilts up close. I mean, I obviously knew the size of bed quilts, but when it came to wall hangings, I assumed they were small. So when I started designing, I “guesstimated” that most wall hangings were probably anywhere from 20 to 40 inches big!

And then, of course, as I continued to sew and sew, I quickly ran out of wall space. So it seemed natural to design projects that take up little space, either for that one little corner where there still is a spot for something to be hung, or to swap out with another one the same size.

This BOM, however, even I have to admit takes the cake. And you should all be grateful… because I originally planned for the blocks to be 3″. I know.  I heard the collective groan. I actually made one block, and figured a lot of you might be put off by that size. But a 4″ block is actually doable. Here’s my block to prove it:

Not only is is doable, but working on these little blocks looks like it will be quick. To prove me right, Anita Westerveld (Holland) has already sent me a photo of her first block:

Now, isn’t this fun?

I announced on the website that if you wanted to participate in this challenge you would have to post photos of the first six blocks on a Flickr group we would open for that purpose. Thinking straighter… why wait to share? So we have opened that group… please feel free to post your photos now!

Flickr Insane About Baltimore Group

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