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Still trying to catch up with a ton of work here, which means I’ve had to push blogging back a bit. But I miss it! So here I am popping in to share at least a little bit of what I’ve been up to.

After about four and a half years of teaching exclusively at a local quilting store, I decided to re-open my classroom at home and start teaching here, too. Actually, developing my line of patterns has taken so much of my time that I haven’t taught a class in almost a year. And I start missing it. Teaching at home gives me an advantage as it allows me to save time that I would normally have to use going to and back from class at the store (in horrible city traffic).

So I thought I would at least share today how I’ve set up my small (but I hope cozy) classroom. Then I realized I should have taken pics of an actual class taking place! For now, I can at least share the empty room!

Here’s a view of the front of the classroom. On the wall I have a whiteboard, a flannel board, and small class samples. A table on which to do my rotary cutting, and a counter were all my class materials are stored.


This is a view of the work table were students sit and sew. The table is made of two old (and big) closet doors that sit on some very nice, solid sawhorses. For hand sewing we can seat up to eight people around this table, although I tend to limit my classes to only five (an easier size to teach, with more individual attention). The dove quilt on the wall holds a special place in my heart, as it was the result of a block exchange from an international (online) quilting group I belonged to for several years.

The classes I teach are all for beginner to intermediate quilters. And it’s great fun to be a part of all these budding quilters. Hopefully next time I will actually remember to take pics of some of them! 🙂


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