Foot warmer

2014-102Just as we thought the weather was beginning to start warming up a bit, we’ve been hit with rain again this week. It’s been cold and wet, so time again to do whatever necessary to keep warm.

2014-103From your own experience you probably know that keeping head, hands, and feet warm is the secret to keeping your whole body comfortable. And you probably also know how great rice bags are for this purpose. The only problem I have with rice bags is that you often have to adjust them, because they slip and slide and fall down.

2014-104With that in mind, I made a special rice bag to help keep feet warm, either while sitting or while snuggling in bed. The rice is poured into a pad with casings, and the pad is placed within a bag that includes a pocket. What’s the pocket for? To place your feet inside precisely!

The tutorial for this project here.

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