Cold and wet

2014-161According to the weather forecasters, over two weeks ago the winter season was coming to a close and the rains were to begin to stop. Since then, it has rained every single day. All over the country. 🙂

I went to sleep last night with rain, and I woke up again to rain. One of those days you don’t want to get out of bed because it’s so cold!


The only one around here who doesn’t seem to mind the rain is this little guy. He’s at my back fence every morning, waiting to greet me, rain or shine.


Indoors, I needed to empty the containers that collect water from three different leaks my landlords is just not interested in fixing. (He wants to sell the place and not have to deal with these issues – but it is precisely because of this and other -“little problems” in this house that the place doesn’t sell.)


So it’s one of those days where I am oh, so grateful for a fireplace. I’ve set up a little table next to it, so I can sit and work in comfort.


There’s a crock-pot of vegetarian chili cooking… perfect for a cold day! 🙂


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