Les Amis Quilt

I am a HUGE Craftsy fan.

I had a great-grandma in the U.S. who quilted, although I never saw her make anything but the traditional nine-patch quilt. However, on the few occasions we visited her while growing up, I would watch her mesmerized as she put those bits of fabric together to complete what I thought was the coziest “blanket” ever to sleep under.

Fast forward years into adulthood and my introduction to Internet technology. Living in Ecuador, there was no quilting tradition, so it was through the Internet I discovered patterns and tutorials and began a self-learning experience. I tried not to be envious of fellow quilters in forums and on blogs who recounted their experiences taking this or that class. I just felt fortunate that I had access to them via technology and could continue to learn on my own. I grew and grew, until I was even able to become a designer myself!

And then Craftsy came along. 🙂

These days not a week goes by that I don’t tune in to one class or another and always find something new to add to my knowledge base. And although I design my own quilts these days, there are definitely those occasions where a quilt design (particular traditional ones) just calls my name.

Such as the 2018 Craftsy BOM, Les Amis. Take a look! I am oh, so tempted…. aren’t you? 🙂


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