Free-form Poppies

A lazy Sunday afternoon. After a week of intensive work, I needed (and deserved!) a little break. Time to sew!

A moment of serendipity. Just looking at what I had lying around and that wouldn’t require too much planning. Fun things come from just playing with fabric and experimenting.

So I already had a piece of fabric collage ready to be embroidered and quilted. That would be the base for the lower part of the quilt. A flower quilt at that. So stems and leaves were attached quickly with raw edge applique.

What else, what else? How about a bunch of blue fabric strips quickly pieced together, and then embroidered? The machine embroidery actually served a double purpose, as I also used it to quilt the piece as I worked.

Then cut some free-form circles/flower heads. Once again, raw edge applique with black thread held the flowers down and served to quilt at the same time.

I decided I wanted this to be an organic piece, so instead of binding just trimmed around the edges of the quilt, allowing the rotary cutter to curve any old way. Then birthed the piece, leaving the bottom part of the stems lose to hang from the edge of the quilt.

A couple of hours and a whole load of fun!

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