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Flower Portraits

Another little project finished…. Moving along here! 🙂

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Quilting practice and a quick project

In as much as possible, weekends I try to dedicate a day to either sew, sew, sew, or to take an online class or follow some tutorial and learn something new. And, of course, sew. 🙂

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Free Motion Quilting a Sampler

I am a Craftsy addict. 🙂 Because there is no quilting tradition in my country, and nowhere for me to take classes locally, this has been a wonderful way for me to continue to learn new techniques and improve my quilting skills.

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Floral whimsy… finished at last!

This project has been sitting on my table for months! Christmas and the New Year came and went by, and over that holiday week I actually quilted it. And since then it has continued to sit, waiting for the binding.

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Finished quilt sampler

So, with all the wedding hullabaloo, one of the things I had forgotten to post about is my Craftsy 2012 sampler. You’ll remember I started writing about it here.

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A quilt sampler

Well, I’m finally back in the quilting mood! That is, as time allows… still. There always seems to be a lot of work that limits my sewing time. Plus running around that means more hours in the car now that I’m living out in the country. However, even though there are still quite a few […]

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A little decorative stitching

I am a completely self-taught quilter. Because there is no quilting tradition here in Ecuador, and because my trips back to the U.S. tend to be short and far between, I have not had the opportunity to attend a fair or take a quilting class.

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Free Motion Quilting Resource… on sale!

I have seen on quite a few blogs a real focus on free motion quilting this year. If you, too, are looking to improve your FMQ skills, you might be interested in this video from the Interweave Store… available right now on sale (70% off!!!).

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How would you quilt this?

In spite of my good intentions, I only finished half of the UFOs I had planned to complete in February. I won’t be hard on myself – perhaps I was too ambitious. My aim for March, however, is to at least complete the two projects I wasn’t able to work on last month.

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What to do with FMQ samples

In those instances where I have decided to machine quilt a project, I like to work on a “warm up” sample to practice a little before starting in. This means that eventually I end up with a little pile of odd-sized quilted pieces with no other purpose in life than to sit there staring at […]

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11 Rectangle Fun Quilt-Along: More on Machine Quilting

After I posted a couple of pics on the progress with my wedding quilt, a couple of questions came up that I would like to address here. Diane asked: “Are you quilting free-motion on a regular home sewing machine? Are you marking your designs? If so, what are you using to mark them?” Let’s break […]

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Moving along with my wedding quilt

I have about three fourths of this project quilted. Only three strips left to do, which I hope I can squeeze in this morning, before my friends arrive for our weekly sewing circle.

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10 Rectangle Fun Quilt-Along: Machine Quilting

When it comes to how to quilt a project, it becomes really, really hard for me to give any advice. While this is probably the most enjoyable aspect of quilting for me (oops! right after my love for appliqué!), it is also a very personal experience. What works for one person does not necessarily work […]

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