Goals and resolutions

It’s interesting how the beginning of a new year can involve a shift in perspective. I mean, what is particularly “special” and different about Jan. 1st, as opposed to June 23rd?

I guess for me the real reason is that the months leading up to Christmas and the end of year tend to be very busy, if not hectic. And I pretty much tend to live in the moment. Planning more than one day at a time kind of blows my mind. During the week after Christmas and before New Year’s, however, I do try to make some time for myself , reflect on the accomplishments of the last year, and perhaps adjust professional and personal goals.

I have a hard time thinking of “new” things I would like to do, because I am already at the precise place I want to be at. Perhaps one thing I would like adjust is having a little more time to sew. Kind of crazy, considering my days revolve around quilting. But I spend more time on the computer than at the sewing machine. So that in inself might be enough in terms of a goal for the year. I don’t have a lot of UFOs, but given the limited and precious time I have for sewing, that could easily change. So I am going to try to finish those projects in the first part of the year, before beginning any major project.

And try to complete something “new.” As a result of my scrap busting, those itty-bitty scraps now seem to be under control. But I’ve started to accumulate flower blocks. So, my first concrete goal for January is to do something with them Wish me luck!

hexagon flowers

Scrap busting

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    no skydiving for me, I don’t
    Submitted by llcathey on Sun, 01/13/2008 – 23:15.

    no skydiving for me, I don’t even like to climb a ladder,
    the book your doing is it going to paper piecing or applique looks really interesting
    I still need to buy the software you have on EQ website, hoping next month