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My 19-year old daughter Jamie and I decided to switch rooms. One, because change is good every now and then. Two, because I spend so little time in my room, it’s sole purpose being for sleeping a few hours every night. I literally live in my studio. Jamie, on the other hand, has her computer in her room. This is where she not only sleeps, but studies and reads. She needed the bigger room…

Three, my hidden agenda: I love to paint walls. Housekeeping is not #1 on my list, but I do love the smell of clean. And painting forces one to clean. So for the past 10 days Jamie and I have been busy sorting out and reducing clothes and all sorts of bedroom and bathroom items, painting, washing windows and shades, scrubbing and waxing floors. I’m afraid I have been somewhat of a traditionalist when it comes to home decor, so I wanted to try something new and — for me — bold. Her’e a “before” shot of my bedroom:

And then the wall color I decided to go with on my bed wall (the rest is white). Now I just need to decide what goes on the wall…

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    Submitted by llcathey on Sun, 01/13/2008 – 23:13.

    Angie looks wonderful, looks like you did the sponge look on the walls can’t wait to see how you finish decorating, love the quilt on the bed