A Prayer Quilt

Two of my quilting friends and I will be getting together this week to work on a special quilt for a little girl in deep need. This probably happens to you, too: quilting seems to invite us to meditate and pray. What is different for me this time is doing it as a group, and not as a denominational or religious act, but as a spiritual practice.

What’s important here is not the design. What’s important is holding this child in prayer. Each one of us has a different faith background… prayer transcends any and all religious barriers.

We decided on a very simple 4-patch block design. Each one of us is working separately on 21 blocks. As we choose our fabrics and sew our blocks, we will be thinking and praying for the life of this little girl.

And that is what I have spent the last hour doing.

On Tuesday we will come together to join our blocks, tie the quilt together, and pray for this child as we do so.

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