Sewing Plans for the Day

It is dark, cold, and rainy in Quito today. That makes it a perfect day to stay indoors and do some sewing!

My daughter Jamie recently acquired a laptop computer. Her name is Petunia. Jamie tends to develop strong attachments to her technological “toys”. Therefore the names. I don’t remember them all, but I know the name of her laptop and of her MP3 player… she’s called Amelia.

Anyway, Petunia rides back and forth to school in Jamie’s backpack, so far wrapped in a couple of layers of batting Jamie confiscated from my stash. But she really needs a case. So that’s one of my goals for the day. A simple, but “cool” case for Petunia, in Jamie’s favorite colors.

And then, if time allows, I’d like to play with red. I’m thinking hearts. Big ones, little ones, simple, embroidered… who knows. In any case, Valentine hearts are what I have in mind…

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