Mariangela is back

Our friend Mariangela traveled back to her native Italy several weeks ago. Since then, we have corresponded by e-mail and have talked on the phone a couple of times… but it’s not quite the same. So we were delighted to have her back this week – the group always feels someone’s absence, and it’s nice to be “complete” again.

Naturally, given Mariangela’s generous nature she came bearing gifts: fabrics for all of us and odds and ends. Such as soluble stabilizers for me which cannot be found here and which I have been wishing for to do some experimenting with thread painting. Cool. And lots of magazines to share. I find it interesting to see both the commonalities and the differences from one country to another. These magazines from Quilt Italia sure spark some ideas.

The group is still addicted to English Paper Piecing and spent some time discussing color placement for the two flower lattice projects that they are working on right now. I, on the other hand, after finally having finished my Hibiscus wall hanging am knitting this week (a secret project).

Another fun Thursday.

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