Handicrafts at the Santa Clara Market

My mom will be traveling to the U.S. next month to visit family and friends. So we decided to take some time yesterday to visit the Santa Clara market and do some handicraft shopping. This market is basically a veggie and fruit market, and on the surrounding streets there are tons of little handicraft shops. This is also the market to come to when looking for baskets and rustic furniture.

I am always amazed by the ingenuity of the craftspeople and how cheap these products are. This little set of drawers (in front of the table) caught our eye… only US$25! The magazine rack was a mere $15, while the set of drawers behind it (which tapered: wide at the bottom and narrow at the top) came out to $45. That is the “first” asking price, meaning that with a little bargaining it will come down some. Amazing! Too bad I simply don’t have room in my house for any more furniture!

Something new for me this time around were these dyed flowers (straw). Very colorful, don’t you think?

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