A little sewing… a little knitting

My sweet Jamie turned 21 last week. This is the child I very consciously tried to slowdown for and enjoy every minute (the boys just went by too quickly and they were grown up before I knew). And still here we are: she’s all grown up and it went by way to fast.

We had a family get-together over the weekend to celebrate her birthday – everybody is so busy during the week it’s hard to plan time together. She wanted something simple… just tacos and burritos. Not even a birthday cake… all she wanted was a big bowl of tapioca.

A while back she had wanted me to knit her a sweater. She found the yarn she wanted, but there wasn’t enough of it and although we kept hunting for it we were not able to find any more. She then seemed to forget about it. Lucky me, one of my friends pointed me out to a new-to-me yarn store and, sure enough, they had the yarn Jamie had been wanting.

So I actually have been knitting over the past to weeks. I was going to blog about it and then discovered that Jamie actually comes in here and reads my posts. So I’m glad I kept quiet about it until the sweater was actually finished:

And here’s my Jamie, wearing her new sweater and wondering if she can really handle that big bowl of tapioca! (-: I hadn’t realized her hair has grown so long it covers up her clothes. So you’ll just have to trust me. The sweater is quite flattering – she always looks nice.

I then found some time over the weekend to do a little sewing. I made a bag with these lovely fabrics I had been saving up for a project just like this one. Just love it!

And a couple of my Ultimate “Anything” Case – these are gifts. I really, really, really like this case. Hmmm… I think I’m going to include it in a workshop I will be giving on bags and totes.

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    Congrats to Jamie
    Submitted by ipraragon on Thu, 05/07/2009 – 14:03. (Old blog)

    Today I’m sending my best wishes and congratulations to your daugther. Maybe not all youngers think similar, but I noticed that, for my littlest “baby”‘s birthday, on february 1, -she’s 20- she asked me “not to make a cake”, so instead I prepared… A big bowl of rice with milk pudding! Do you see what I meant? (Plenty of delicious raisins, no matter she hates them. She just set them aside) But it was because we have a lot of family birthdays in january, actually once a week, sometimes twice. So, after all that party cakes, and the near past Xmas cookies and goodies, the scale was beginning to scream STOP! Well, the pudding was not really low-calorie, but she ate a very small portion. She loves to dance, and performances spanish dance, so she had to lose the “Michelin” at her waist and recover an acceptable figure.
    About your cases, of course you’ve to include them in your workshops, they are so useful and easy-to-do. I’ve made about half a dozen of them for gifts, specially for my nieces, because they are just the size to keep sunglasses. I’ll send you pics of them and other projects I’ve made with your patterns, as soon as I discover how to do it! Excuse me, but there’s a lot of computer skills that are still an enigma for me. Love, Irene.