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Quilted bags I have made

Oh, boy, oh boy… am I ever late in posting!

More than a full year has gone by without me updating this blog… at all!

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Christmas sewing and knitting revealed

You will recall that during December there was very little I was able to share in the sewing/quilting/knitting department, as I was working on “top secret” Christmas presents. I am happy to say that not only was I able to make all the presents on my list, but I actually finished them on time, with […]

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A basket and a bag

It sure seems to have taken us a long time to get into some kind of routine. And I’m still not quite there. Or know if I will be anytime soon. It’s been years now living with adult children, so having younger kids around has involved quite an adjustment. And I guess I am slowly […]

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The cutest little gift envelopes you have ever seen!

Ok, I’m biased. Because these little envelopes came to me as an *inspiration* a couple of weeks ago. I was going to make a couple of the hexagon shapes for stocking stuffers, and then started wondering what other shapes would look like. And, as usual, I had a hard time stopping.

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A Christmas sneak peak revealed!

Remember a few days ago I showed you a few images of a couple of projects I was working on? I actually finished them quickly, but putting the tutorials together has taken longer.

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I like this purse!

Although strangely a new experience, I must say it’s kind of nice to find myself this close to Christmas not running around trying to finish things. Of course, there are no cookies to show off this year, and no last-minute gifts to rush through…

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A little knitting, a little sewing…

The kids came back from the beach yesterday afternoon and we are all now busy finishing our projects together and enjoying the last few days before their departure this weekend. In between there are games to be played, movies to be watched, outdoor activities and even some cooking together.

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Little travel projects

The kids have gone to the beach with their dad over what is a long holiday weekend here in Ecuador. So it’s been quiet… just Jamie and me. Nice, as we enjoy these last few days together before her departure this upcoming Sunday.

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Ultra Quick Shopping Tote

The shop where I teach is going to have a sale to make space for new fabrics. Among the products they are trying to move are all these animal panels – most of them are to make cushions and tablecloths.

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Lovely New Purse

When there isn’t a lot of time to sew a large project, I start on something smaller to get my sewing “fix.” There’s no better rush than that of finishing a project well and enjoying the end results.

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Preparing a new class… and a little fun sewing

As we approach summer it will also soon be time to offer new classes to students who have a little more time on their hands. This year people have been asking for ideas on how to make different bags. So I’ve been structuring a class with five different “basic bags.”

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A little sewing… a little knitting

My sweet Jamie turned 21 last week. This is the child I very consciously tried to slowdown for and enjoy every minute (the boys just went by too quickly and they were grown up before I knew). And still here we are: she’s all grown up and it went by way to fast.

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Petunia’s Case

You know how it goes… You make plans and set goals, as I did for today. And then the interruptions come. Sigh. Oh, well. I was at least able to finish Petunia’s case, just as Jamie walked in the door from school this afternoon. So we tried it on and it fit perfectly!

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