Lovely New Purse

When there isn’t a lot of time to sew a large project, I start on something smaller to get my sewing “fix.” There’s no better rush than that of finishing a project well and enjoying the end results. In addition, when learning new techniques I like to make several projects in a row to get the whole process to “stick” in my mind.

I made this purse in just a couple of evenings, following the ideas in the book It’s a Wrap: Sewing Fabric Purses, Baskets, And Bowls.

I have enjoyed this technique so much I went out and bought 200 meters of cotton cord! You can see it here as I start the process of sewing the bag:

The bag continues to grow. The most time-consuming part of this technique lies in wrapping the cord with fabric. Sewing the bag itself actually goes really fast.

Add some leather handles, make a little embellished (beaded) closure, and I’m done!

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  1. admin
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    It’s very pretty!
    Submitted by ipraragon on Mon, 06/01/2009 – 11:48. (Old blog)

    This bag is so pretty, and would like to try this new technique. I love bags, and that is what I have mainly done since I began to learn patchwork. I only have a doubt about cording technique: when wrapping the cord with the bias-cutted fabric, should we use it folded (closed) to hide the raw edges of the fabric, or open, no matter the raw edges remain visible in one side? I can’t see it clearly in the pictures, but I think if the bias tape is used folded, the stripe will be too thick. Thanks for your answer,

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    A second look.
    Submitted by ipraragon on Mon, 06/01/2009 – 12:18. (Old blog)

    Sorry! I had a second look to the tutorial of “coiled coasters”, which I’m about to do. Then I realized that we can click on the pictures to enlarge them, and so it’s completely clear: the fabric is wrapped UNFOLDED, even thus one of the raw edges remain visible. Love, Irene.

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    Cutting strips
    Submitted by admin on Wed, 06/03/2009 – 04:45. (Old blog)

    Yes, Irene. You don’t need to fold the fabric – just cut strips and wind them around the cording. You don’t need to cut them on the bias, either. You can just cut them across the width of the fabric. I cut mine between 1/2 to 3/4 of an inch. Angie