Alexia is back!

I’d forgotten how much time is used up when kids are around. I mean, I’m used to living in a world of adults where everyone takes care of him or herself. But for a short while now it’s back to actual cooking three times a day. It seems that right after breakfast and washing up I’m back in the kitchen preparing lunch! Plus laundry. Whew!

Things are settling down into somewhat of a schedule, though. The kids are now going to a summer day camp, so I do have a few hours in the morning to try and catch up with things. And the afternoons are all about doing fun things together.
Alexia was very clear that this month here had to include sewing. And she’s decided on two projects she wants to work on. We’ve started on the first one, which she will probably finish appliquéing tomorrow. We’ve planned on starting her on some machine quilting this time… we’ll see if she can handle it. She’s so talented I’m pretty confident she will do well. Here are some pics of her:
Julian also wants to do some sewing. We’re still working on the concept there. In the meantime, he thought he’d do some posing for you. The tousled hair is supposed to be k-kool according to him. He’s a riot…
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