Finished appliqué

Doing the “mom thing” sure does take time, doesn’t it? Yet I love having these kids around… days are full and happy, we are busy, busy and exhausted by nightfall. I must say I’m sleeping well these days. (-:

There hasn’t been time for blogging, but we have made some space for sewing. Alexia actually finished her wallhanging top on Friday, but I haven’t had time until today to post. And no, that isn’t one of my designs, but something Alexia chose from a commercial site. She sure is confident now working with the sewing machine!

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    Alexia’s wall hanging
    Submitted by peggy43 on Tue, 07/28/2009 – 12:40. (Old blog)

    Tell Alexia–that wall hanging is really beautiful. I’m sure it will give her pleasure for years to come.