Thursday sewing circle

Well, our friend Mariangela is certainly on a roll and, as usual, outsews us all. Today she arrived with more projects to share. Another quilt for one of her kids, a sewing machine cover for herself (oh, so cute), and a wonderful purse she made following instructions from the book Omiyage: Handmade Gifts in the Japanese Tradition.

Luchita is working on a GFG table topper. I love the red!

I wasn’t able to take any good photos of Bachita (she kept turning her head on me!). And Elena wasn’t able to make it today (she was sorely missed). But I did get this nice one from Susy. She and I were knitting today for a change…

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  1. admin
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    Sewing Machine cover
    Submitted by cheryl (not verified) on Mon, 07/27/2009 – 10:18. (Old blog)

    I absolutely LOVE that machine cover- what a clever idea. I’m getting ready to make a couple for my machines and just hadn’t decided on what to do with the “canvas”. This gives me some more ideas to play with.

  2. admin
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    The bag is wonderful!
    Submitted by ipraragon on Tue, 07/28/2009 – 17:36. (Old blog)

    As a purses and bags-addict, I do really love the purse. Is different, with a curious look. Nice!