The spirit of quilting

In our sewing circle this week personal projects were set aside and our time together centered on a collaborative effort: marking a quilt top for our friend Mariangela. I took a couple of pics and then forgot about it until this morning, when I remembered I had several pictures on my camera I hadn’t unloaded from my camera.

As I looked at these pictures again I am reminded of the many reasons why quilting has such an importance in my life. Iin the deepest sense, it puts me in touch with myself and is a space for reflection and peace. But that has to do with my personal, individual quilting and my time alone.

Quilting as a group gives me a sense of community: this is my support group… these are my sisters. And that is truly something beautiful in my life.

That same afternoon Alexia and Julian put on their “painting T-shirts” again and we had another fun time dyeing fabric. This time shared with the kids leads me to reflect again on another aspect of quilting: their is no limitation with regard to age or ability. It is such a broad world that it allows for all. What a wealth!

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