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Playing with dyes and textures

Experimenting with natural dyes

Something else I did do throughout June was experiment with a little fabric dyeing, using natural products.

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Floral Collage

Another finished project. Once again, started while still living in Quito. Just needed to be quilted and binding added.

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Mi niece, Ana Lía, sent me the link to this wonderful video. This form of quilting is different, and so, so beautiful, it needs to be shared. Enjoy! 🙂

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Printing with sunlight

Jamie’s boyfriend, Carlos is a very talented photographer. I am not, but I guess our common love of art really brings us together and we find we have a lot to share. He recently pointed out this product to me, and I have to admit I am completely intrigued…

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Tea Colored Painted Fabric

The cost of 100% cotton fabric at our one and only LQS went up almost 30% last month. And, quite unfortunately, they don’t import batiks or any of the other “mottled” fabrics I find myself more drawn to lately. So I’m really looking into more economic (and fun) solutions when it comes to replenishing my […]

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May your bobbin always be full

For this week’s Follow Friday I have a REAL TREAT to share with you? Are you ready? Make sure you have lots of time for this one, because I promise you’re not going to want to move from your seat until you explore this blog in depth.

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Fun Fabric Hand-Dyeing

This weekend was all about personal time. Which in my case has to do with getting off the computer and do anything I feel like… as long as its crafty, creative… fun!

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More tie-dyeing!

All the kids – Jamie, Jono, Alexia, and Julian – have taken off for the beach again. It’s a long holiday weekend and they wanted to take advantage of this last chance before Julian and Alexia have to return home in a couple of weeks. And, of course, they wanted some more tie-dyed T-shirts to […]

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Flower Pounding

I think I’ve already mentioned that this year Julian just has not been as interested in sewing as in earlier years. What he has been enthusiastic about has been preparing fabrics for sewing. Today we did a little more fabric dyeing with shaving cream, for a small pencil case I will be making him for […]

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Between one project and another, Alexia has finished her little wall hanging. This little piece has been important in her quilting experience because it has involved learning new techniques. To begin, the background fabric was one of the pieces she prepared with tie dyeing. She added a few tiny scraps of fabric and ribbon in […]

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Summer crafting!

Jono left early this morning with Julian and Alexia for a week of beach fun. So this is my chance to catch up with some work and some blogging. It certainly has been fun for me to have the kids here, and we have tried to fit something crafty in every day, which means days […]

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The spirit of quilting

In our sewing circle this week personal projects were set aside and our time together centered on a collaborative effort: marking a quilt top for our friend Mariangela. I took a couple of pics and then forgot about it until this morning, when I remembered I had several pictures on my camera I hadn’t unloaded […]

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Fabric Dyeing with Shaving Cream

We spent the afternoon playing around a bit, dyeing some fabric the kids want to use in their sewing projects. We used a shaving cream method a little different than what you might have seen, to “tone down” our colors a little, as this fabric will be used for the background of the kids’ projects […]

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