Fun appliqué sewing

The percentage of how many designs I actually sew as compared to what I draw is very small. Which is why I live vicariously through others. It’s fun when someone sends me a photo of their finished project based on one of my patterns.

So it was quite a thrill for me when my friends showed up for our sewing circle yesterday. Three of them have decided to sew my Christmas Dove. Being able to see their work “up close and personal” was so much fun. I find it interesting to see how each person interprets the design and changes it according to her fabric choices. There is only one drawing, but no project is exactly alike.

I am also very proud of my friends’ appliqué skills! Talk about tiny stitches!

We were also excited yesterday because our friend Mariangela will be back with us next week, after over two months away in Italy! It will be nice to have our group complete again.

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