Making my own fabric

With our family reduced to a mere trio for Christmas this year, I haven’t done my usual baking and decorating. These are activities I prefer doing with the kids. For myself, I’ve put one little tree up in my studio, along with a few decorations and a pink poinsettia I bought myself over the weekend.

So things around here are a lot quieter than they tend to be around this time of year. I miss Jamie and my grandkids, but I must say this quiet spell is not unwelcome. It’s kind of nice to be able to go about things without feeling in a rush.

I am working today on one last little gift, a purse for a special friend. Instead of piecing or appliquéing, I decided to do a little more experimenting with fabric collage. This time I used only sheer fabrics, which I stitched down directly onto a piece of batting.

When starting with an odd assortment I am not always able to envision the final product. So it was interesting – and fun – to see the final piece. It went from this:

to this, after some free-motion embroidery.

I’m really happy with the results. I think tomorrow I will finish assembling the purse.

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