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Experimenting with fabric collage

I’ve been working on a scrappy quilt the last few days, and after trimming up my blocks ended up with a little pile of shavings I just didn’t have the heart to throw out.

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Experimenting with natural dyes

Something else I did do throughout June was experiment with a little fabric dyeing, using natural products.

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Make your own fabrics

I’ll admit it. I’m a bookaholic. Since I started quilting, I have managed to grow quite an impressive collection of quilting/sewing books. But I seem to have finally reached a point where I am no longer tempted to buy… too many more. 🙂

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How to make easy foam stamps

My grand *babies* Julian and Alexia arrived late Sunday evening. They will be living here with their dad (my oldest son Jono), going to a local school for the next year. I am always delighted to have them here. 🙂

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A busy summer, and some time to play

This is turning out to be a summer with quite a few visitors. Which is my explanation for why I’m only popping in occasionally these days for a little chat. It’s not every day I get to see so many of my favorite people around, so I have to take advantage and spend as much […]

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Playing with Fabric Paints

The good thing about using paints over dyes is that you can experiment A LOT on small amounts of fabric. Take my recent results, from playing around a little yesterday afternoon.

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Fun Fabric Hand-Dyeing

This weekend was all about personal time. Which in my case has to do with getting off the computer and do anything I feel like… as long as its crafty, creative… fun!

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More tie-dyeing!

All the kids – Jamie, Jono, Alexia, and Julian – have taken off for the beach again. It’s a long holiday weekend and they wanted to take advantage of this last chance before Julian and Alexia have to return home in a couple of weeks. And, of course, they wanted some more tie-dyed T-shirts to […]

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A boy’s quilt

So this weekend has been set aside for cutting and piecing a quilt for Julian. I thought it was high time to start using those plaid fabric samples it took me so long to iron and store… So I pulled out the container and let Julian pick and choose the ones he liked best for […]

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Autumn Wedding Quilt

Our good friends Jess and Charles (who have been Jamie’s home away from home this year whenever she needed a break from school) are getting married in the fall. And they have kindly accepted letting me make them a wedding quilt. They want it in autumn colors.

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Too much fabric?

In my last post I was feeling pretty good about myself, thinking I was pretty much done with all my fabric organizing. If you recall, I was just trying to figure out how to store a *small* stack of fabric samples given to me by my friend Sari.

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Organizing my fabric stash: fat quarters

Since I do a lot of appliqué and EPP, my fat quarter collection is the part of my fabric stash that seems to have grown the most. For me, the most logical way to organize was by color families, plus my stacks of novelty prints, florals, and homespuns.

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Collecting Fabric… how much is too much and how to store it?

Quite obviously, my passion for quilting stems from my love of fabrics. There is such satisfaction in walking into a fabric store and touching different textures and enjoying the color play of stacked bolts of fabric. And they do call to us, you know… (“take me home, take me home!”).

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