A shocking confession?

Several years ago, when I first started quilting and discovered paper-piecing, I nearly became addicted to this technique. I loved the speed and the fact that it was a way to use up itty bitty scraps of fabric. Between then and now I don’t know what happened, nor where my aversion to this technique began. The truth is I now avoid it like the plague.

This is what has stopped me from completing a project I have wanted to make for years now. In fact, this is one of the reasons why I offered this project as our member 2009 BOM.  Heavenly Angels was a project I actually designed five or six years ago, as part of my attempts to make peace with my name (I have never felt very angelic!). I figured this would be one BOM I would make myself, and finally sew this quilt!

The intention was good and I did very well following along month after month… with the appliqué and pieced blocks. And now, two months after this series ended I am sitting here with a nice little pile of blocks and no quilt to show for it. Why? Because I just don’t want to paper-piece the remaining blocks!

Quilting should be fun. That’s what I’ve been telling myself. So what to do to finish this quilt? Well… redraw, of course! Which I have now done. I guess only all of you appliqué lovers would understand that I enjoy appliqué over paper-piecing, even if it takes more time! Crazy, huh?

Now to finish these blocks and eventually assemble the quilt. Which will take a little time, since I am making this my Thursday project, when my sewing circle meets. But at least I’m unstuck and can keep plugging along with this project until it is finished!

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    Oh I love this quilt. It is
    Submitted by mdhess08 on Mon, 02/08/2010 – 13:35.

    Oh I love this quilt. It is so pretty!