Lobster Claws

As I mentioned in my last post, while talking to Julian over the weekend he informed me he was in dire need for mittens, at which point I pulled out the knitting needles and some yarn and made him a buggy pair.

I got to thinking, however, that he rides his bike a lot, so a second pair might be useful. I have seen these lobster claw mittens sold commercially for bikers, and thought that is exactly what he needs. The whole point to these mittens is that, without being gloves, it allows two fingers to be free to reach the bike brakes at any time.

I have discovered, however, that although there are a couple of patterns out there for adult size lobster claw mittens, there are none for children. So I used the same pattern as for the previous (buggy) pair, and adapted it. Sure hope it fits.

Now to make him a fun hat to pop in the mail along with the mittens…

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