Cold, cold, cold day and some sneak peeks

Between a little sewing, a little drawing, some paperwork and some housekeeping, I have managed to organize nearly my entire fabric stash. Not ready to post about it yet, though, because I need to resolve the issue of some containers for one of the shelves. You see, a friend of mine gave me all these fabric samples – each measures about 6 x 10″ – and I’m trying to figure out how to store them.

But I have made progress. The last of the rearranging involved doing something with a small stack of flannel scraps leftover from rag quilts and shirts for the boys. So I spent part of the morning cutting the scraps up to usable sizes. And I was able to go from this…

…to this…

Winter seems to have settled in very late here. After a couple of dry (yet cold) days, yesterday and today it’s been raining again. Very unusual for this time of year. Especially since year after year the weather definitely seems to have gotten warmer and warmer around here.  It has never gotten too cold to justify central heating, nor so hot to need air conditioning. And it’s probably been close to two years since I had a fire going in the fireplace!

But today the choice was between doing exactly that, or crawling under the blankets to warm up. I opted for the first, because my desk is located right next to the fireplace and I had some catching up to do.

Different people have mentioned I seem to be a prolific designer. Here’s one of my little secrets: I have a weekly goal of twenty quilt blocks.  Not necessarily quilts… just blocks. And I draw anything that comes to my mind at any given moment. With no rhyme or reason… just draw, draw, draw. That way, I continue to build a library from which I can draw designs at any given moment.

Earlier in the week I had met half my quota:

And I even started drawing some of the blocks for a new project I will be posting this week:

But I still needed to complete ten blocks. Which I’ve done. In theory, I could go snuggle under the blankets now and maybe watch a movie. But it’s so nice and warm here now I don’t feel like moving!

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