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When I get the bug to put things in order!

Ready. Set. Sew!

Well, ok… not quite there yet, but I have (finally!) organized my new sewing space.

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Ruler storage

Organizing one’s stash and tools pretty much depends on the space available. And whether you are willing to spend $$$ on special furniture to house all your goodies to perfection. Or, better still, 🙂 find creative alternatives to keep all those goodies in order.

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Broken spindles? How to fix your thread rack!

For my smaller spools of thread I have two June Tailor racks that sit on a table next to my sewing machine.

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Adapting a sewing space

In the three months since I moved, I have done very little sewing. Even after the move, unpacking and organizing all my sewing things was left for the end.

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How to make a “green” airtight bag sealer

I love to learn new things. In fact, I have a personal goal to learn one new thing each day. Sometimes these are *big* things, like a new quilting technique or learning a new platform for my website (something my techie son has me working on lately!). But most days my new learning is about […]

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Follow Friday: Crafty Storage

Let’s face it. We tend to accumulate. Fabric, threads, batting, stabilizers, embellishments, books, magazines, patterns… and on and on. And we can just as easily get disorganized with all the “junk” we set down here or there in our hurry to get on with the sewing.

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USB Cables: Untangling the Mess

There are days –like today– when I ask myself why I put up with some of my messes as long as I do… and finally decide to do something about it! This is the (aggravating) case of all my USB cables.

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Pretty Fabric Bobbins

Over the last week we have had sporadic electricity blackouts in the morning. No computer, no sewing machine, no iron… Dear me, what’s a girl to do? I guess it’s the universe’s way of telling me to quit procrastinating and get some of the hot spots in my studio organized. So I finally hit three […]

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Thread storage and an idea for zippers

Time to focus again on my low-cost “studio makeover.” By this I simply mean reorganizing my sewing supplies without a large investing $$$ in new furniture and cabinets, using what I have on hand but re-thinking the way I’ve been working. So this week I decided I really needed to address my thread issues.

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Fabric all organized

This actually happened a while back, and I did take photos, but with other things happening have just not blogged about this. So, to end the chapter on fabric organization… Nothing has changed with regard to my shelving system.

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Too much fabric?

In my last post I was feeling pretty good about myself, thinking I was pretty much done with all my fabric organizing. If you recall, I was just trying to figure out how to store a *small* stack of fabric samples given to me by my friend Sari.

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Cold, cold, cold day and some sneak peeks

Between a little sewing, a little drawing, some paperwork and some housekeeping, I have managed to organize nearly my entire fabric stash. Not ready to post about it yet, though, because I need to resolve the issue of some containers for one of the shelves.

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Organizing my fabric stash: fat quarters

Since I do a lot of appliqué and EPP, my fat quarter collection is the part of my fabric stash that seems to have grown the most. For me, the most logical way to organize was by color families, plus my stacks of novelty prints, florals, and homespuns.

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