Ballerina craze

Ok, so something you should know about me is that it’s a little dangerous to ask me for a “special” design. Why? Because I get carried away and don’t always know when to STOP!

One of our members asked me for a ballerina design a few weeks ago. I have just now gotten around to drawing some designs, and will write up the instructions and  post one of these patterns this week. The question is… which one? What do you think?

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  1. Posted May 23, 2010 at 2:12 pm | Permalink

    Hi, Angie — You are set to “no reply” so I couldn’t reply by email to the comment you left on my blog today. To answer your question, I used all but about 6 of my blocks when making my own layout for the mystery quilt. I was a new quilter then and had no idea about EQ (and still don’t know how to use it…but WILL learn it when my EQ7 arrives in a couple of weeks). Thanks for stopping by my blog and leaving a nice comment! Your designs of the ballerinas I see on your blog post today are SO cute!!!

  2. Janet Parde
    Posted May 23, 2010 at 9:26 pm | Permalink

    I like the ballet buddies!

  3. Mariette
    Posted May 24, 2010 at 12:23 pm | Permalink

    I kind of like the “Ballet Buddies” design. Very cute!

    My 2 cents.


  4. Posted May 24, 2010 at 2:29 pm | Permalink

    Hi Angie, Thanks for stopping by my blog and commenting on my festival quilt. The festival is so fun! I like the Recital design above … it could be personalised with hair colours of the girls and colours of dresses to match a little ballerinas friends in the same dance class!

  5. Posted May 24, 2010 at 6:06 pm | Permalink

    Angie – those slippers are DARLING!

  6. Posted May 24, 2010 at 10:15 pm | Permalink

    Thanks for visiting my blog. I love your quilts. Especially the quilt you have shown for the bloggers quilt festival. What a wonderful story. So bittersweet.

  7. Mary
    Posted June 11, 2010 at 2:00 am | Permalink

    I was so excited to find these patterns ! I took them to work and had to show them to anyone that would look & listen. I cannot thank you enough. For me right now my favorite is ballet buddies but than again my grand daugthers are 7 & 8 . What is so great about these patterns is ,they will grow with my girls. THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU… made my day, week and summer. I just love your style and sense of design.