Fabric all organized

This actually happened a while back, and I did take photos, but with other things happening have just not blogged about this. So, to end the chapter on fabric organization… Nothing has changed with regard to my shelving system. I changed a couple of plastic bins  to bigger ones, to take better advantage of the space. And, oh yes, there still are some of those fabric samples still left to iron and store, which is happening with the help of my lovely mother. More than halfway finished with that now, and they will all be kept in the bin marked with the arrow. Don’t orderly stacks look nice?

Throughout this process I find it interesting how little effort it really does require to go from fabric literally falling off shelves to nice orderly stacks:

My point being: it really doesn’t take that much to keep fabric organized. Just a little effort when putting fabrics back (I’m always in such a hurry I tend to shove them back in the pile) to keep them neatly stacked will save HOURS of refolding and re-stacking later. Plus I can now actually see all my fabrics… some had managed to disappear under others… Now, if I just take my time when putting fabric back I won’t have to spend so much time rearranging further down the line!

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  1. Posted May 28, 2010 at 10:25 pm | Permalink

    I spent most of last weekend organizing fabric and I am thrilled with how much easier it makes it to find just the right one!! Definitely worth the effort!