On my work table

Although the week started out with a couple of mornings of promising sunshine, unfortunately the warmer weather didn’t stick. And the last couple of days it has rained day and night. With this kind of weather, one just wants to stay put.

So the last couple of days I have focused on baby projects. Nothing terribly fun… just those practical items needed for a new baby like burp and diaper pads. Maybe this week I will find the time for something more *exciting* like a baby bunting.

Since it gets pretty cold by late afternoon, I also decided I needed a new hand sewing project to keep me busy in the evenings, while huddled under the blankets watching a movie or two. In spite of all the applique I do, would you believe I had never sewn any Hawaiian appliqué? I actually drew quite a few designs for my book on Appliqué Drawing, but that’s as far as I got.

So this is my current hand sewing project. Interesting. I don’t know that I will become a big fan of Hawaiian appliqué, but so far I am enjoying it. I might even make one or two more… 🙂

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