Mother’s Day Every Day?

I hope you had a lovely, lovely day with your kids. From the comments some of you left yesterday, it seems you did. 🙂 And if everyone had a day like mine, I’m sure you’re wishing it was like this everyday!

What it meant for me was not moving a finger around the house. I was required to shower and dress. (: And since I am a Type A for some things, I really, really needed to make my bed. (: Other than that, not a thing.

Now in all truth, I normally don’t have to do much housework anyway. We have a lovely young woman come in twice a week to do the vacuuming and heavy cleaning. And each one of us is responsible for his/her own bedroom and laundry.  So the real treat for me yesterday really was about not having to cook or wash up. Our house rule is that whoever cooks does not have to wash up. This doesn’t always work out well, because I’m the only one who works at home, so often I have to take those tasks on because everyone else is rushing off to work or school. I don’t mind the washing up. It’s the cooking that I really do not enjoy. For me, it’s fifteen minute meals. The crockpot and pressure cooker are my best friends in the kitchen. 🙂

This means that my children have had to compensate… or starve. So they are all magnificent cooks. Lucky me. I am always impressed by the meals they come up with. Jamie was the main cook yesterday, and I just had to share some photos, although they just do not reflect how GOOD her food was.

At the center of the meal, baked lavender chicken. The scent invaded the house, so by the time we sat down our mouths were definitely watering. If you haven’t ever used lavender for cooking, you should consider it. The scent is lovely, yet the taste is subtle.

The side dish was potatoes with red bell peppers au gratin. So cheesy!

And then a lovely tossed salad and steamed green beans. I thought this meal actually turned out pretty Christmassy, don’t you?

Jono, my oldest, was in charge of *baking* the cake. Meaning he bought it at our favorite bakery. This was a cream-filled white cake topped with white chocolate and strawberries. As you can see, we wolfed down half of it before I remembered to take a picture. 🙂

We shared this lovely meal with my mother… just a nice, quiet time the four of us. My middle child, Jared, was not able to be with us yesterday. I missed him, but because of it I get to spend another day this week with him, all to myself. Once again, lucky me. My children are my absolutely favorite people in the world, so any time spent with them is a gift.

I wonder why I am never inspired to cook like this? I’d rather be quilting! 🙂

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  1. Posted May 9, 2011 at 3:13 pm | Permalink

    I taught my kids to cook, but I never got meals like that, lol.
    What a wonderful meal they prepared and sounds like a wonderful day for you.


  2. Posted May 10, 2011 at 3:44 pm | Permalink

    I taught both my children to cook and bake. They are both extremely good at and love to experiment. Our son should have been a chef, he is that good. Can you share the recipes? I grow lavendar so would love to try the chicken and the potatoes — oh and the salad. Now I just need the bakery in my town and I’m all set.

  3. Irene
    Posted May 13, 2011 at 12:35 am | Permalink

    It sounds great, and quiet! For me, the best way to spend holidays. I don’t remember to have taught my 4 children to cook more than white rice, my method was merely to leave them on their own! And they really managed the situation, so all 4 are excelent cooks. My older son is who always prepare holiday’s meat (turkey, pork), and that is definitely HIS territory, no one else is allowed to even help him, hahaha! Ah! and Paella, with my dad´s recipe! My 2nd. boy is a pasta expert, and Xmas cookies, too… my older girl likes to cook some typical food, and very often, her favorite… crépes, and my baby girl (well, she’s 22)… helped by the internet and TV shows, is surely a gourmet chef! From her hands we’ve had sushi, mmmmm…, indian food, the best cakes and cookies i’ve ever eaten, soups, salads, and so on… Well, pardon me for my immodest, but, am I not lucky? For me, every day is really Mother’s day!!!