Lynn’s Handy Helper

I am lucky when it comes to visitors to my blog. You give me some great feedback, and more than once have helped out with ideas when I am stumped. As occurred yesterday, when I needed some gift ideas. (Quite unfortunately, I needed to finish one of my gifts for today. And I ran out of time and energy. So I caved and purchased a box of chocolates for my friend… after all, chocolate is a sewing “accessory,” isn’t it?)

One thing leads to another. And as I popped in to Lynn’s blog at Nebraska Views to check out her tutorial for a handy luggage tag, one thing led to another and I kept exploring her blog. Unwittingly, she has contributed to my *new-thing-to-learn-today*. You have to check out her tip for dealing with the needle screw on her sewing machine. It’s just one of those things where you ask yourself: “Now, why didn’t I think of doing that?” Simply genius. Check it out!

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