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Holiday Sale on Quilting Classes

I am a self-taught quilter. Until recently, I had never taken a quilting class in my life. Part of the reason for this is that there were no quilting classes available where I live. Add to that the fact that I prefer to learn on my own, through tutorials or manuals.

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Happy Thanksgiving

Thanksgiving Day is not celebrated in Ecuador, but it is a tradition for our family. So today will be not the last Thanksgiving to spend together, but the last family get-together we will share at my mother’s house here in Quito, were all big family celebrations have taken place for the last four decades!

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Moving to the country

I do much better with certainties. 🙂 We now have a clearer picture as to where we all will be living… at least for the immediate future.

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Time Out

At a time when I probably should have been busy packing and out looking for a new home I started to feel a little overwhelmed by it all and decided to halt things a little to try and get my bearings. So for the the past week and a half  I simply shut everything out […]

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