A brand new airport

If you’ve ever flown into Quito, you know landing in this city is certainly quite an experience. You see, the city grew around the airport, enclosing it completely, with no space to expand and lengthen the airstrip.

A new airport has been under construction for several years, and finally opened last week. And it lies right in the valley under where I now live. In fact, a view of the airport is precisely what I see from my bedroom window every morning when I wake up, and is the last thing I see when I close the curtains at night.

I guess you can’t easily see it in that photo… the weather around here continues to be gray and foggy. But we can zoom in a little…

Compared to the old airport, this new airport is enormous, now truly worthy of being considered an international airport.

At night I can see the string of lights that make up the airport… almost the entire length of the valley. I guess landing on this airstrip will no longer feel like an adventure, what?

While here, I thought I’d share another view from my porch, this time toward the north and the town of El Quinche.

I have a view of the it’s very famous church.

In spite of gray skies, the view from here is wonderful!

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