BOM Update

I thought that moving out to the country and living on my own would automatically mean A LOT of free time. Boy, was I wrong. I still do not seem to be able to find time to do everything I want and NEED to do! 🙁

As you will have noted, blogging is one of the things placed on the back burner. Several work projects are pretty much consuming all my time. And one of the things I have fallen behind on is my 2013 Free BOM list. So yesterday I sat down for a bit and updated the list.

If you haven’t visited this list lately, and you are a BOM fan, I encourage you to do so now. The list does not include commercial BOMs – only free BOMs and quilt-alongs. What has been updated is marked NEW. Some of these did start back in January, but several of them have just started recently. Lots and lots of fun projects to sew!

2013 Free BOM list

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  1. Chris
    Posted May 7, 2013 at 1:31 pm | Permalink

    It is on the same order as retiring and thinking you will now have so much free time. Where does it all go?