Another cold day

Things haven’t changed much around here, have they? Another month gone by… and it is still wet and gray in this part of the world. This was – once again – the view this morning out of my bedroom window:

If anything, days here have been wetter and grayer than a month ago. I continue to work, work, work on a new project (soon to be announced), with a little heater by my desk to try and keep warm. This past week that hasn’t worked too well, though… I really miss the fireplace I had in my house in Quito, right next to my desk! There is a very large fireplace in this house, but not in my office space. Still, I have kept it going most afternoons and into the evening, trying to warm up the house a little.

So there has been a little sewing while sitting by the fire. I finally got around to working on this project, which had been on my bucket list for a while. It just needs to be quilted now.

And I’ve also been working on the scrappy afghan I posted on earlier. I’m happy to say that other than a little bit of the orange yarn, I have used up all the small amounts of leftover yarn I had. However… I didn’t have quite enough of the brown I used to join the squares. I did have another lighter brown, but it looked off. So I will have to purchase a couple of skeins to finish the border. Drat! 🙂

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